Case Study – Corneal Erosions Bilaterally

ATTENTION: Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation is not a treatment or a cure; it is Neurological Rehabilitation. Doctors often use the word treatment to describe their interaction with a patient, not to imply a cure for a patient’s Injury, Illness or Condition. Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation uses traditional and unique neurological evaluations to perform before and after validation of neurological changes. Even though you may share the same symptoms as a patient mentioned on this website; each patient and their injury, illness or condition is unique. As with any form of rehabilitation; there is no way to predict or guarantee how you or anyone else will respond to neurological rehabilitation. Your results may vary.

Case Study Submission by: Dr. George Gonzalez, D.C., QN


List of patient’s conditions and chief complaints:

  • 46 Year Old Male
  • Corneal Erosions Bilaterally with excruciating searing pain in the right eye




The patient is a 46 year old male Chiropractor in good health. He reports that he had been suffering from “Acute Episodes” affecting his eyes for the last 2 ½ years. He felt that he was originally misdiagnosed as having “dry eyes.” In the last four months an Ophthalmologist informed the patient that he is experiencing the classic symptoms of “Corneal Erosion.” The Ophthalmologist suggested sodium chloride eye drops for four months. If the symptoms continued past four months; the next option was Corneal Removal. This is a surgical procedure which removes the cornea, allowing it to grow back, hopefully without erosions or other complications.


The patient and his wife are both Chiropractors and attended the Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation Seminar. The patient informed me that he had suffered an “Acute Episode” the evening before and asked if there was anything that I can do to help. The “Episodes” are described by the patient as occurring three times per week and as often as three times per night. An “Episode” only occurs at night with the patient waking from sleep with excruciating searing pain in his right eye on a 7-9 out of 10 scale of pain. The patient describes his both eyelids being “glued” to his eyeballs (cornea). The patient feels better in an upright or standing posture with eyes open. When the patient blinked it exacerbated the pain. The episodes last from 20 to 40 minutes. Patient would attempt to alleviate symptoms with eye drops and ointments but he reports that it only decreased his symptoms and the episode would still have to run its course. The day following an episode the patient reported eye redness, blurry vision and visual disturbance. Each evening the patient would wake up every 2 to3 hours to add drops to his eyes, in hope that it will prevent an episode. Patient also noted that he would have episodes without drinking coffee, but every day he consumed coffee he had an episode.


The patients received Motor Rehabilitation and G-POI Rehabilitation as part of the seminar. But the rehabilitation of the “Eyeball” itself is not part of the seminar, and he asked if I could help with this issue. I spent two minutes with the patient using the Quantum Neurology™ Sensory Rehabilitation to his eyes. The GRT LITE was used during the rehabilitation. And follow up instructions were given to him and his wife.


The patient reported “Amazing changes after the first correction.” The visual disturbances and blurry vision that the patient was experiencing as a result of the episode the night before was gone immediately. The next day the patient reported that he had an episode free evening. He also reported that his eyes did not dry out as they usually do throughout the night.

FOLLOW-UP (4 weeks after first session)

The patient was diligent in his home care using the GRT LITE and having his wife who is a Chiropractor rechecking his Sensory Rehabilitation every few days. The patient reported that he only experienced “One Mild Episode” lasting for 10 minutes scaling at 5 to 6 out of a 10 pain scale. The patient reported that he had not used the GRT LITE the day before the episode. He describes this as a “Miraculous” improvement. The patient no longer wakes up every few hours to add drops to his eyes. He sleeps through the night and wakes up with mild dryness in his eyes. He no longer has symptoms of visual disturbance and blurred vision. He says that everything seems better and he attributes this to his eyes feeling relaxed as a result of the Quantum Neurology™ Sensory Rehabilitation.

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