Case Study Submissions


This page is for doctors in the Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation Program

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Please remember that you must have attended Module 3 at least once in order to register for the QN Process and begin submitting case studies to The Journal of Quantum Neurology. ( You will need the registration password for automatic verification on the Journal website. The code for automatic verification is “iwantmyqn”.  Please put this code in the registration page before you submit, otherwise you will have to wait on George or I to manually verify your registration. Follow the videos below to begin the process.

Dr. Gonzalez has created two videos. One to walk you through the registration and case study submission process; and one to explain the Case Study Abstract Builder that you will use to build the case studies.

Video 1 – Registration and Case Study Submission


Video 2 – Case Study Abstract Builder, How To


Documentation – Case Study Abstract Builder

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