Dr. George Gonzalez, DC, QN

When I created these techniques – I did not know that Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation was in my future. This work has transformed my life. Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation is healing the world. My goal is that every doctor in the world becomes a Quantum Neurologist™. This web site and journal are the tool necessary to educate and inform everyone about the success of Neurological Rehabilitation.

I decided to create the Journal of Quantum Neurology™ so that doctors trained in this work can showcase their results. I chose to do this because all the traditional paths of documentation were painfully slow and unwilling to accept a new point of view. Doctors need to have timely and accurate accounts of what works on the patient. It doesn’t matter how many double blind placebo studies have been done, if you cannot help a patient in their time of need. In my opinion the only research results that truly matter are the results of the patient right in front of you. Every patient and their collection of injuries, illnesses and conditions are unique. For this reason I have created the Journal of Quantum Neurology™ as case study based platform. It showcases real people and their struggles. This work has been a blessing in my life: and I truly hope that it will be one in yours.

George Gonzalez, DC, QN
Chiropractor, Quantum Neurologist™

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Case Studies

Moderate Spinal Cord Injury – Patient Zero

  • Sensory Loss – paraesthesia: saddle, posterior legs and bottom of feet
  • Walking Difficulty – pain in low back, legs & feet
  • Full Recovery

Severe Brain Aneurysm – “I’m healed,” Dr. Edward Chauvin

  • Baseball Sized Aneurysm
  • Back to Work in 5 Weeks
  • Zero Neurological Deficits

Corneal Erosions

  • Corneal Erosions Bilaterally
  • Amazing changes after the first correction



  • Dyslexia
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Patient showed immediate and significant improvements
  • “Describes reading as enjoyable”


ATTENTION: Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation is not a treatment or a cure; it is Neurological Rehabilitation. Doctors often use the word treatment to describe their interaction with a patient, not to imply a cure for a patient’s Injury, Illness or Condition. Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation uses traditional and unique neurological evaluations to perform before and after validation of neurological changes. Even though you may share the same symptoms as a patient mentioned on this website; each patient and their injury, illness or condition is unique. As with any form of rehabilitation; there is no way to predict or guarantee how you or anyone else will respond to neurological rehabilitation. Your results may vary.