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  • Zero Point Energy Resonance: Clockwise -vs- Counter Clockwise


Zero Point Energy Resonance:

Clockwise -vs- Counter Clockwise

Hello everyone. Before I begin want to disclose that I am an independent distributor for Amega. And because of my specialized knowledge of nervous system rehabilitation, Amega has asked me to be on their board of advisors. And because I am so excited about this technology and what I have seen it do personally and with my patients, family and friends, I jumped at the opportunity to be able to participate in this new frontier of self-care.

Many people have ask me about the AMWand and it’s zero point energy resonance, and how to best use and apply this technology. We must first get an understanding of what this device is doing to our bodies. In my opinion this technology delivers a resonance that stimulates the nervous system to expand its communication field. A scientist by the name of Fritz Albert Popp, Ph.D., discovered that light called a bio photon is emitted from every cell of the body. This light was found to carry intelligent signaling that travels the speed of light throughout the body. When visualizing a blood cell’s bio photon activity we can see a halo of light around the cell. Once exposed to Amega’s AFT – Amized Fusion Technology the same cell demonstrates a significantly larger bio photon field. In my opinion it is this bio photon field that is responsible for the non-physical communication of the Nervous System. I believe that the increased bio photon field around a cell is representative of an exponential increase in its available communication field. When applying our understanding of this concept to the entire body, and every cells ability to generate its light. I feel it is amplifying our nervous system’s ability to communicate through its light field.

AFT Exposed Cell

Blood cell Before and After AFT Exposure
(*photo from Amega AFT Brochure)

Now to answer the question regarding the directionality of usage. My understanding is that the instruction of the clockwise motion commonly used when using this instrument comes from the concept of energy flowing in a clockwise direction. I must say that although I disagree with this concept it has served as a great demonstration of duplication. Everyone knows that if they do it in a clockwise fashion they will see consistent results associated with Amega products. I personally have specialized skills, as do the doctors that I have trained, in evaluating the nervous system. Through the usage of our neurological evaluations, doctors have demonstrated that different areas of the body have a preference towards a specific directionality of stimulation. I do feel that it is a preference towards directionality and not a one direction is good for you and the other direction is bad. With that being said I feel that stimulation is better than no stimulation, regardless of directionality.

I feel it is important to have a systematic way of applying this technology. This is how I personally apply zero point energy resonance to myself and others. Basic usage: The clockwise fashion has demonstrated excellent results. I recommend doing clockwise spirals over the entire body. My intention is to saturate the entire body with this resonance. I visualize putting the bodies light dimmer on full as I am making spirals over the body parts. I begin by touching the AMWand to the top of the head. This is called provocation. Now with the AMWand a few inches from the body and in a clockwise inward spiral over the top of the head. Once completed, I make a new spirals over the face, throat, chest, abdomen, groin. I then make spirals over the major joints of the body: hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands. Next I make a spiral at the base of the skull. This is where every nerve wire in your body passes through and is very important point for stimulation. I then perform spirals over any additional areas of complaint. This simple protocol takes 2 to 3 min. and constantly amazes me with its results.

Ultimately be creative I don’t feel that there is a right or wrong way to apply this technology. We’re discovering new applications daily. Although my personal experience has been that this is a safe stimulus and that most nervous systems have demonstrated an affinity towards this energy resonance. I cannot predict or guarantee that you or anyone else will respond similarly. Understanding the challenges that the spectrum families, immune compromised and energy sensitive individuals have, I would recommend to limit initial exposure time to see how the body responds to this stimulus. Then increase exposure based on your personal experience.

For information beyond this explanation I have a series of affordable self-care training titles available to the public using Quantum Neurology® principles and zero point energy resonance. I am also writing a book called Holographic Healing. I explained in detail the concepts of nervous system expansion mentioned above. I hope to have this book finished and available the end of May. All this information with advanced healing concepts, before-and-after videos, testimonials, case studies and a list doctors that know how to provide advanced nervous system rehabilitation: visit .

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