The DVD training is an essential tool to learning Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation. The best practitioners watch the DVD’s many times until they can duplicate the techniques and fully understand the concepts of Neurological Rehabilitation.  I recommend that Doctors purchase the videos before the seminar to experience Miracles Monday Morning™. At seminars, the Doctor’s that have studied the videos can focus on how to optimally perform and fine tune their abilities instead of learning the concepts for the first time.  Because the seminars contain so many new concepts and techniques, the DVD’s are an essential review for mastering Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation.

The DVD’s are available a la carte or in packages. Training is Module dependent – this means that certain titles are made available depending on which Module(s) you have attended.

Pre Module Training DVD’s

Motor Rehab DVD

Motor Rehabilitation Volume I

Cranial Nerve

Cranial Nerve Rehabilitation Volume I

Frozen Shoulder

The Five Minute Fix – ArthroStim® Series

Lymphatic Therapy

FLUSH – Lymphatic and Muscle Detox  VibraCussor®

Advanced Hip Therapy – ArthroStim®


Module 1 (Motor) or Open Module Training DVD’s

Motor II DVD

Motor Rehabilitation Volume II

Healing Form DVD

Healing Form


Module 2 (Sensory) Training DVD’s                         
Cranial + DVD


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