Dr. Gonzalez talks about Lite Therapy and the GRT LITE



Finally, a light therapy device designed
for doctors by a doctor!

GRT LITEDr. George Gonzalez, D.C. is a world leader in light therapy training. He has trained thousands of doctors in his unique concepts to restore neurological function with the use of light therapy. Dr. Gonzalez was frustrated that the cost and awkwardness of light therapy equipment on the market was a major barrier that kept people from learning his revolutionary work. So he developed the first affordable, compact, professional grade Red & Infrared light therapy device that is registered with the FDA. Finally, a light therapy device designed for doctors by a doctor. Quantum Neurology® is proud to announce the official light therapy device of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation, the  GRT LITE™.

FDA 510K (#K050668) Indications for use:

Carpal Tunnel – Adjunctive use in providing temporary relief of hand and wrist   pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Neck and Shoulder – Adjunctive use in providing temporary relief of minor chronic neck and shoulder pain of musculoskeletal origin.


  • Six Pre-Programmed Treatment Modes
  • 4 LED Diodes Total
  • 2 Red 620nm diodes
  • 2 Infrared 850nm diodes
  • 23mW Total Power Output
  • Runs on two AA rechargeable batteries
  • 1-Year Warranty

Price: $2,000.00 [Seminar Price] (Click to Order)

(Must be a licensed D.C., L.Ac. or M.D. to purchase)

When designing this product Dr. Gonzalez took three main issues into consideration:

  • POWER:   At 23mW it is stronger than most low level light therapy products on the market. With both Red & Infrared the GRT LITE™ has more indications of use than most other products on the market.
  • SIZE:  The GRT LITE™ fits in your shirt pocket, weighs less than 6oz, no cords and no heavy battery pack. Great for doctors on the go, for room to room treatment or for travel.
  • ECONOMY:  At $1995 (packaged price) the GRT LITE™ is not only the most affordable professional grade light therapy product on the market, it also includes 6 hours of DVD instruction to make sure you get amazing results. This makes it is easy to use, and you will see a quick return on your investment.

The GRT Lite is an LED (Light Emitting Diode) product which emits a bright red light. As with any light generating product, one should avoid direct exposure to the eye. Shining the light on an eye with the eyelids closed is not recommended. Consult your doctor before treating the eyes or any other part of your body.


The GRT LITE comes with a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee, and a Full 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty from date of original purchase. See our Policies and Privacy page for full details.


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To test if the infrared LEDs are working on the GRT Lite, you are going to need a digital camera; as you can not see infrared light with the naked eye. You can use the one on most new phones. Press the “I” button on the GRT Lite. One Red LED should start blinking; that is simply to let you know that the unit is on. Position the camera directly in front of the camera so that the two middle LEDs are directly in front of the camera lens. If the infrared LEDs are working, you will see two small dots of light to the right of the one flashing red LED. (See video for example)

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