Healing Form DVD

Healing FormThis training demonstrates the importance of proper technique in the analysis of the patients Nervous System. Dr. Gonzalez teaches his personal system of neurological evaluation through muscle testing. The healing form is a concept borrowed from martial arts. Dr. Gonzalez presents a sequence of movements which relate to patients corresponding neurological evaluation.  This sequence of movements will train the doctor how to practice proper body and hand position and to use their body weight and leverage to perform a proper neurological test. This training was designed to help the doctor that wants to take on Quantum Neurology® full time and to be able to perform the tests properly and efficiently, regardless of the strength of the practitioner and with care taken to minimize the risk of injury.

This training includes:

Quantum Neurology® analysis of the Motor portion of the Nervous System used for:

    • Motor Rehabilitation
    • Nerve Specific Nutrition
    • Doctor technique
        • Body positioning
        • Hand positioning
        • Leveraging and using your body weight
        • Physical action of the test
    • Patient positioning
        • Positioning patients body for testing
        • Directions given to patient
            • Verbal cues
            • Non-verbal / physical cues
    • Testing sequence
    • Transitions between tests
    • Stringing all the tests together

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Dr. Gonzalez’s intro to the Healing Form DVD

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Prerequisite: Motor Seminar (Mod 1) or Open Module Training & Must be a Licensed Medical Professional that is certified to Diagnose and Treat (e.g., MD, DC, LAc, DO, ND, NP) to purchase this DVD.