Holographic Rehabilitation

At the Holographic Rehabilitation event, Dr. George Gonzalez demonstrates the connection between the physical and energetic body.

Through muscle testing, learn to follow the body’s response reactions to internal, external and non-physical stressors. These stressors create communication gaps between our physical and non-physical nervous system. You will learn how to create nervous system congruence with the stressors that shut down the nervous system. Our experience is that when this is done we increase the body’s opportunity to heal itself by reconnecting communication to the holographic field.


You will learn:

  • Understanding the bio-field
  • Understanding the physical body to bio-field connection
  • Bio-field testing
  • Evaluate and correct the bio-field connection
  • Holographic transfer
  • Nervous system congruence

Holographic Rehabilitation Seminar

Jan 19 - 20, 2018Friday - SaturdayLos Angeles, CA


Live Seminar Registration is $1,500 per event.  (1st time only)

To Register: Online Store / Download Order Form / Call 323-653-2818

Prerequisite: Must be a Licensed Medical Professional that is certified to Diagnose and Treat. (e.g., MD, DC, LAc, DO, ND, NP).

We require that all Seminar attendees sign a Professional Integrity Agreement before being admitted to the Seminar and obtaining the notes. You may download a copy HERE. (Right-click to save.)