Welcome to the Journal of Quantum Neurology™

It is my hope that every person in the world can experience the healing of Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation. The Journal of Quantum Neurology™ is a platform for doctors trained in this unique form of Neurological Rehabilitation to document their case studies, observations research and editorials. This platform will allow doctors and patients alike to review the benefits of neurological rehabilitation. It will also serve as a database of possibility for doctors to investigate successful rehabilitation and apply those concepts to their patients.

I invite you to read and experience the healing of this work. When I developed this work, I had no idea that it would touch so many lives. I truly hope that Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation can be the answer for your needs. It is my great honor to present this body of work.

Dr. George Gonzalez, D.C., QN
Chiropractor, Founder of Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation


Featured Case Studies

Moderate Spinal Cord Injury – Patient Zero

  • Sensory Loss – paraesthesia: saddle, posterior legs and bottom of feet
  • Walking Difficulty – pain in low back, legs & feet
  • Full Recovery


Severe Brain Aneurysm – “I’m healed,” Dr. Edward Chauvin

  • Baseball Sized Aneurysm
  • Back to Work in 5 Weeks
  • Zero Neurological Deficits


Featured Quantum Neurologist™

The Doctors featured in this section are setting the pace for the future of Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation. These Doctors are documenting the possibilities of Neurological Rehabilitation through their case studies. You will be able to read about these doctors and their amazing success with Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation. If you are a doctor, my hope is that you will be inspired to learn this work and provide it for your patients. If you are a patient, I would like this to bring hope to you and your loved ones. Please follow the link to meet our featured Quantum Neurologists™.


ATTENTION: Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation is not a treatment or a cure; it is Neurological Rehabilitation. Doctors often use the word treatment to describe their interaction with a patient, not to imply a cure for a patient’s Injury, Illness or Condition. Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation uses traditional and unique neurological evaluations to perform before and after validation of neurological changes. Even though you may share the same symptoms as a patient mentioned on this website; each patient and their injury, illness or condition is unique. As with any form of rehabilitation; there is no way to predict or guarantee how you or anyone else will respond to neurological rehabilitation. Your results may vary.