2009 Conference

L.I.A. – 2009 Lyme-Autism Connection Conference

On behalf of myself (Dan) and Dr. Gonzalez, I would like to thank everyone for making our first LIA Conference such a memorable event. We can not begin to thank everyone involved for all they did for us. We have such a wonderful group of mothers on our “cheering section”, it was a thrill to put the faces to the names. A special “Thank you” to Dr’s Elizabeth Sheehan (WA) and Chase Hayden (TX) for their time and energy; and for helping make the trip such a memorable event. We hope to see everyone again soon.

We finally have the presentation footage from the film company. Unfortunately, the sound quality was not very good. You may have to turn up your computer volume to hear the presentation. CLICK HERE to watch Dr. Gonzalez give his presentation.

Video footage from LIA Conference

We had some big miracles at the conference from the people that our Dr’s where able to see. Here are just two of the people, Anne and Dr. Anderson, that Dr. Gonzalez was able to attend to. As you can see, the results are simply amazing. Some of the video files are rather large, so please be patient as they download if you have a slow internet connection.


PowerPoint Presentation

To view Dr. Gonzalez present his entire entire LIA lecuture, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Below is the PowerPoint presentation and the videos from the presentation. To view the LIA Conference PowerPoint presentation click the slides below to view the next frame. There are four videos in the presentation. All four videos are found below the slide show.

Videos from Presentation

Video #1 – Dr. Woody Beck with stroke patient (Insert Video)


Video #2 – Dr. Ed Chauvin with paralyzed patient (Insert Video)


Video #3 – Dr. Gonzalez with dyslexia patient (Insert Video)


Video #4 – Dr. Gonzalez doing MELT (Insert Video)