Module 1 Workshop and Certification Testing

Nothing beats Hands On Experience. That is why Dr. Gonzalez has incorporated a Workshop for each Module into his training. To attend these workshops, you must have the corresponding Online Training Module, or attended a Live Seminar prior to 2016. For the Module 1 Motor Workshop, you must have the Online Module 1 Training, or have attended a Module 1 Live Seminar.

Motor and Cranial Nerve Rehabilitation are the building blocks of Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation. When performed correctly, patients will experience immediate and profound changes in their body. The very nature of the techniques that Dr. Gonzalez has created allows for a before and after neurological test. These are tangible results that will get your patients excited about their care – excited patients refer! With Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation you can show the patient how their problem is reflected in the Nervous System.


At this Workshop we’ll review:

  • Motor Rehabilitation
    • Quickly examine every major nerve in the spinal cord
    • Find the neurological cause of any spinal dysfunction
  • ArthroStim® Techniques
    • Correct biomechanical dysfunction with manual and ArthroStim® corrections
    • Five Minute Fix: Frozen Shoulder
  • G-POI™ Testing
    • Dynamically challenge the body
  • G-POI™ Advanced Motor Rehabilitation
    • E.R.A.C.E.™
    • Evaluate and correct Dynamic Movements including:
      • Athletic movements through ROM
      • Activities of daily living and more!


Workshops are comprised of module review, Q&A, workshops, and testing. Testing is at the end of each workshop day and is optional. If testing, you must pass the test for each module to move forward to the next live Module Workshop if you have not already qualified for that Module.

Testing includes multiple choice questions, T/F, fill in the blank, and live demonstration.

*If you are testing, please be sure you are well prepared. We will give you ample opportunity to pass the test, but if you do not pass, you cannot move forward with the testing. No exceptions. You may attend the rest of the weekend workshops, but you must reschedule any further testing.  If you are already registered for more testing that weekend, your attendance will be postponed until the next test date.*


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Live Workshop Registration:

Licensed Docs: $500 per Workshop

*Optional Testing: $500 per Workshop

To Register: Online Store / Download Order Form / Call 323-653-2818