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  • Module 1 – Motor Rehabilitation
  • Module 2 – Sensory Rehabilitation
  • Module 3 – Visceral Rehabilitation
  • Module 4 – Neuro Expression™
    • Motor
    • Cranial
    • Sensory
    • Visceral

 Additional Training

GMRT™ (Gonzalez Muscle Reset Technique)
Holographic Rehabilitation
Holographic Bio-Mechanics

Los Angeles, CA – 2017 Seminar Schedule

Module 1 Seminar - Motor RehabOct 12 - 13Thursday - 1/2 Friday
Module 2 Seminar - Sensory RehabOct 13 - 141/2 Friday - Saturday
Quantum Neurology Homecoming EventNovember 10 - 11Fri - Sat


Los Angeles, CA – 2018 Seminar Schedule

GMRT Seminar (Gonzalez Muscle Reset Technique)Jan 18 - 19Thur - 1/2 Friday
Holographic Rehab SeminarJan 19 - 201/2 Friday - Saturday
Module 1 Seminar - Motor RehabMar 8 - 9Thursday - 1/2 Friday
Module 2 Seminar - Sensory RehabMar 9 - 101/2 Friday - Saturday
Module 3 Seminar - Visceral RehabApr 26 - 27Thur- 1/2 Friday
Quantum Neurology Homecoming EventNovember 9 - 10Fri - Sat


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Save money when buying bundled products.

Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation Basics Package
Gets you started with everything you need for immediate neurological changes in your patients.

GRT LiteMotor & Cranial DVD

GRT Lite, Motor & Cranial Rehab DVDs, & Healing Form DVD

ArthoStim® Package

Bio-Mechanic corrections featuring the ArthroStim® by Impac Inc.
Get amazing results FAST! while extending your career. Using the ArthroStim is easy on the patient and easy on your body!



GRT LiteAffordable & Effective light therapy! Dr. Gonzalez researched & developed this product to deliver the consistent results needed for neurological rehabilitation. Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation exclusively uses the GRT LITE for training and research. The GRT LITE comes with a 1-Year warranty.




Motor & Cranial DVD

Step-by-Step Results on DVD! Learn to duplicate the techniques that will last you a lifetime. These techniques are powerful and reproducible. You will be amazed at how simple it is to activate nerve function with Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation. These techniques are diverse in their application. The techniques you will learn on the training DVD’s are used on professional athletes and patients with severe neurological problems.



Books by Dr. Gonzalez and other Quantum Neurology Certified Practitioners™




Austin-Air is consistently ranked #1 in air purification, with medical grade HEPA filtration. Quantum Neurology® is an authorized Austin-Air dealer. 



Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation utilizes tuning forks for hearing and sensory rehabilitation.




These glasses are used primarily for Cranial Nerve rehabilitation. Commonly used in rehabilitating patients with dyslexia, autism, ADD, ADHD, as well as other sensory processing disorders.