Pain is an Illusion!

Pain is something that everyone has experienced, yet we all have a personal and unique experience of what pain is.

Sometimes people get upset when I call pain an illusion. They say, “My pain is real. I’m not making this up.” But I’m not saying you’re making it up or pain is not being experienced. I’m simply asserting that the pain we are experiencing does not exist anywhere. It’s only an experience generated by our nervous system.

Pain cannot be removed from your body, put in a box and sent to somebody you don’t like. That’s because pain is not physical. It’s a signal, sent by the nervous system, to protect us. We refer to that as a protective mechanism. Just like the emergency brake of the car, this is very useful. But what about when that emergency brake is used inappropriately? Have you ever driven with your emergency brake on? Once it’s removed, a huge surge of function is restored. Nothing was wrong before. There was just this protective mechanism that prevented the car from expressing its full ability. Yet it was working perfectly. Its protective mechanism was working appropriately at an inappropriate time.

We have found through nervous system rehabilitation that we are able to reset the nervous system pain signal. We can reconnect the communication patterns that initiate pain signals, and the body stops creating pain. Pain is necessary at times, but most of us can agree that life is better pain-free.

When we look at pain, we ask, “Who are the people who have pain?” We’ve each experienced traumatic things, we all fall down and it hurts. We can point to it and say this is exactly where the pain is. The signal can be from many causes of pain. There’s disease pattern, which can be caused by chemical imbalance, through biochemistry or toxicity. There can be auto immune pain, which is very severe pain caused by things like fibromyalgia and reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD). These hypersensitive people often rate themselves as an 11 or higher on a scale of 1-10 because they are in such high levels of pain constantly.

We also have people who can be in pain through emotional stress. They are perfectly healthy but because the stock market crashes or a loved one passes, this person can be in a high level of distress due to emotional pain.

These are all examples of how pain can occur throughout our bodies and common ways in which we have all experienced pain in one way or another. Pain is good for us. Pain is in our body to make us become more connected.

Our bodies are connected to the space around us. I refer to that as the universe. We must recognize that we are very literally connected to this space. We have to intake oxygen, which is supplied by the universe in the area surrounding our body. We have to intake nutrients and fluids which are also supplied. When we have a dis-connect in any way, our nervous system trips the alarm system. Just like the fire alarm in your home, it is only the signal, not the problem itself. So if fire occurs in your home and you are being disturbed by the alarm, you can turn the alarm off. But the fire is still in your home. Removing the alarm is synonymous to taking chemicals to dull down the pain. People use chemicals in various ways to dull the pain or alter their reality experience to be disconnected from the universe.

In Quantum Neurology, we have established ways of understanding this terrain. What we have found is that strengthening the nervous system in very key areas will restore nervous system function and expand nervous system capabilities. This has been consistent and duplicable. We have trained doctors from around the world in these concepts and we have been extremely successful. It’s been very exciting to share this work with people for a new and deeper understanding of the nervous system. This allows us to make a deeper connection with our bodies and the space around us, the universe, and by doing this, we create a deeper, more connected life. What is a full disconnection? It’s death. So that’s the opposite: to be fully integrated with the space around our bodies, and that’s what’s so exciting!

By strengthening the nervous system we are deepening the connection to help the body communicate more effectively.  I mentioned the terrain of the nervous system- our connection to the universe. We commonly know these as our 5 senses- sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Touch is further broken down into finer senses of pain, temperature discernment, vibration, pressure, and proprioception. Notice that of all of terrain that I mentioned, only one of those was pain. And that is only one signal that is available to the nervous system. That’s only one signal that people are highly in tune with. There are all these other signals that people may not have such a great connection with because they’re not as understood. But they serve to enhance your quality of life. So when people get well, when their nervous system is rehabilitated and restored, we see improvement in all these other senses, in their vision, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Their reality experience becomes heightened. Their ability to perceive the space around their body is heightened, and, therefore, their quality of life is heightened as well.

We have helped people with very debilitating diseases where no other things have helped. Quantum Neurology is not a chemical or program that depends on any machinery. It’s a hands-on rehabilitation. It’s getting your body, your nervous system to activate key nerves to integrate your body with its surroundings.

We welcome you to Quantum Neurology and invite you to experience it firsthand. Please visit and search for a doctor near you. Also talk to other doctors in your community about these concepts of nervous system integration, because I truly believe that understanding these concepts will elevate the care to each and every human being. When we look at base mathematics, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, there was a time in history when that’s all there was. People didn’t know anything else. And then, suddenly, calculus was discovered. And a whole new level of understanding of mathematics was explored and shared throughout the world. And that’s what we’re talking about with Quantum Neurology- a deeper understanding of the nervous system. I’m not saying all the neurology out there is wrong. On the contrary, it’s highly accurate. What we have in Quantum Neurology is a new vantage point in which we evaluate the nervous system.