An Introduction to the Quantum Neurology® Training Program


Learn how to Activate Your patient’s Innate Healing Power through the Nervous System


My wife’s moderate spinal cord injury was the inspiration behind the discovery of the techniques that have now become Quantum Neurology® Nervous System Rehabilitation.

As I developed these methods my results became more profound. Relieving patients from their typical carpal tunnel, neck, back and shoulder pain became easy.

Patients would walk in with crutches and walkers, and would walk out carrying them. My results were so impressive that I began teaching these concepts in the year 2000. Over the years I have expanded and fine tuned these methods into what is now Quantum Neurology® Nervous System Rehabilitation.

In my life, Quantum Neurology® has allowed me to help those closest to me as well as the patients that I have never met through the Doctors that I have trained. This work is unique because its focus is on strengthening the Nervous System. And the doctors that I have trained to duplicate this work are consistently getting similar results.


What can Quantum Neurology® help patients with?

These techniques can be used on patients with any Injury, any Illness or any Condition. Quantum Neurology® does not treat the patient’s Injury, Illness or Condition (IIC) – we rehabilitate the patient’s Nervous System. The foundational concepts of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation are taught in three Modules. I walk Doctors step-by-step through the different methods of Motor, Sensory and Visceral Rehabilitation.


How can you get trained in Quantum Neurology®?


The Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation Program

This program is for Licensed Medical Professionals, that are certified to Diagnose and Treat, who want to learn how to activate the patient’s innate healing power though the Nervous System. Traditional and unique Neurological evaluations are used to perform before and after validation of Neurological changes. In most cases quantifiable changes and benefits are immediate.


Short clip from the Making Miracles DVD

(The Making Miracles DVD is our free promo DVD, available to doctors only.)


Module 1 Online – Motor Rehabilitation:

Learn how to use the patient’s Nervous System to guide their healing. Experience the benefits of Quantum Neurology® Neurological Rehabilitation first hand on your own body. Many miracles happen at the seminar. Become a part of the movement that is healing the world.

In this online training you will learn:

  • Motor Rehabilitation
    • Quickly examine every major nerve in the spinal cord
    • Find the neurological cause of any spinal dysfunction
  • ArthroStim® Techniques
    • Correct biomechanical dysfunction with manual and ArthroStim® corrections
    • Five Minute Fix: Frozen Shoulder
  • G-POI™ Testing
    • Dynamically challenge the body


Module 2 Online – Sensory Rehabilitation:

Eighty percent of the Nervous System is Sensory. I will teach you how to access this part of the Nervous System and how to rehabilitate neurological damage caused by Sensory loss. You will also learn advanced Motor, Cranial Nerve and G-POI™ concepts.

In this online training you will learn:

  • G-POI™ Advanced Motor Rehabilitation
    • E.R.A.C.E.™
    • Evaluate and correct Dynamic Movements including:
      • Athletic movements through ROM
      • Activities of daily living and more!
  • G-POI™ Sensory Testing
    • Evaluate and Treat sensory dysfunction
    • Address common neurological problems such as:
      • Numbness and Paralysis
      • Stroke, Brain Injury, MS, etc…
  • Cranial Nerve Inhibition Testing
    • Test and rehabilitate the function of Cranial Nerves
    • Address common Cranial Nerve Problems
      • Swallowing and Speech dysfunction
      • ADD / ADHD
  • GAP™ Testing
    • Find and correct the GAP™ Subluxation


Module 3 Online – Visceral Rehabilitation:

To access the most advanced application of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation you will need to attend this seminar. You will learn how to incorporate all the Motor, Sensory and Visceral Rehabilitation concepts that you have learned into one correction. This can provide your patients with profound corrections that can be life changing.

In this online training you will learn:

  • SuperERACE™ – an advance concept that is used to recover patient strength and range of motion immediately especially on post injury and post surgery patients
  • Visceral Rehabilitation – strengthen visceral function with this unique method of evaluating and correcting organ function
  • SuperGAP™ – bring Motor, Sensory and Visceral Rehabilitation into one correction
  • Advance Protocols – Each Module 3 seminar will be a unique experience because there will be different advanced protocols taught each time. In the past we have taught the following advanced rehabilitation protocols:
    • Cranial Nerve Mastery
    • Vertigo
    • Bells Palsy
    • Sexual and erectile dysfunction
    • Stroke & brain injury rehabilitation
    • Maximizing professional and Olympic level athletic performance
    • And More!


Live Seminars and Events


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Getting started in Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation


The Quantum Neurology® Certified Practitioner (QNCP) Designation:

A Quantum Neurologist™ Certified Practitioner is a Doctor that has met all the training and research requirements necessary to become a licensed provider of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation services. These Doctors are expanding the science of Neurological Rehabilitation with their documented track record of success. Each Certified Practitioner will have their research, case studies and observations published in the Journal of Quantum Neurology®.

I urge you to learn Quantum Neurology® because you have patients that need Neurological Rehabilitation. You should want to learn Quantum Neurology® because you deserve to provide this care. I want to share with you how to activate the Nervous System and get these results. Quantum Neurology™ is healing the world through Neurological Rehabilitation. Do you want to be a part of it?

If so Get Started NOW!

I designed this program so that you can get started today with DVD and Online Training. If you want to see Miracles Monday Morning™, I recommend that you get started with the DVD and GRT LITE Package; or with Module 1 – Motor Training. It has everything you need to start seeing immediate Neurological changes as soon as you duplicate the techniques. I am confident that this work will help you and your patients. When you start seeing the miracles happen for yourself, you may want to consider submitting research and becoming a Quantum Neurologist™ Certified Practitioner.

Prerequisite: Must be a Licensed Medical Professional that is certified to Diagnose and Treat (e.g., MD, DC, LAc, DO, ND, NP) to purchase DVDs and Online Training, and to attend Work Shops.

We require that all Live Workshop attendees sign a Professional Integrity Agreement before being admitted to the Seminar and obtaining the notes. You may download a copy HERE. (Right-click to save.)