How to become a Quantum Neurologist™

How to become a Quantum Neurologist™

This program is for the Doctor who wants to make a difference. Quantum Neurology® is healing the world through Neurological Rehabilitation. I want to give you the tools to see Miracles in your practice everyday. Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation is not a treatment or a cure, it is Neurological Rehabilitation. Learn how to activate the patient’s innate healing power though the Nervous System.

If you are ready for the challenge, I would like you to get on track and become a Quantum Neurologist™. The designation of Quantum Neurologist™ (QN) is given to the Doctor who has met the training, research and other requirements necessary to become a licensed provider of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation services.

Quantum Neurologist™ Training Requirements

To insure the highest level of quality, I require hands on experience. Each seminar is workshop intensive so that each Doctor feels Neurological Rehabilitation on their body, as well as having first hand experience at delivering this service. This assures that each Doctor leaves the event with personal experience and the ability to deliver results. To become a Quantum Neurologist™, each Doctor is required to attend the Motor, Sensory and Visceral Modules two times each.

Attendance of Module 1, 2 & 3 two times each
Module 1 – Motor Rehabilitation (2 times)
Module 2 – Sensory Rehabilitation (2 times)
Module 3 – Visceral Rehabilitation (2 times)
Licensed Medical Professionals Only
Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation is a post-graduate multi-disciplinary program. Our training is provided to Licensed Medical Professionals that are able to Diagnose and Treat. (e.g., MD, DC, LAc, DO, ND, NP)
Seminars Taken in Sequence
Module 1 must be taken before Module 2
Module 1 & Module 2 each must be taken twice before Module 3

We require that all Seminar attendees sign a Professional Integrity Agreement before being admitted to the Seminar and obtaining the notes. You may download a copy HERE. (Right-click to save).

Quantum Neurologist™ Research Requirements

Quantum Neurology® is dedicated to the Science of Neurological Rehabilitation. Our commitment to research will document the benefits of the services we provide. To accomplish this we need research submitted by Doctors that have been trained in the methods of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation. A Quantum Neurologist™ is held to a high standard. They are required to contribute a minimum of twenty (10) case studies per year. There is an annual $300 Quantum Neurologist Processing Fee. (Please call the office to register and begin the case study process.)

The qualifying case studies will be published in the Journal of Quantum Neurology®. Patients and doctors alike will be able to view abbreviated abstracts submitted by all of the Quantum Neurologists™. The members of our site will have access to the full abstract and protocols used on each of the patients. This will be an invaluable resource for our members to search for the protocols used to successfully rehabilitate patients with various Injuries, Illnesses or Conditions.

Nothing speaks more to the caliber of a Doctor than the research that they submit. Patients have been known to travel across the world to see a Doctor who has successfully rehabilitated a patient with a particular condition. But before they do that, they will want to see the Quantum Neurologist™ in their area. The value of the collective research is that we all benefit from the documented success of the group. And when a patient walks in the door with a condition that you have never seen before, you will benefit from the collective research of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation.

Case Study Submission
The Doctor may begin submitting case studies after attending the Module 2 – Sensory Rehabilitation Seminar. The submissions are only accepted online.
Submission Deadlines
Ten (10) qualified case studies
Please note: To be recognized as a Quantum Neurologist™ at your Second Module 3 – Visceral Seminar; you must have your 10 case studies processed and qualified before your attendance.

Quantum Neurologist™ License Requirements

It’s not official until the paper work gets signed. After completing the training and research requirements, you will be required to sign a licensing agreement. The licensing agreement states that you will be able to use the Quantum Neurology® trademarks and logo to market your services.

Quantum Neurologist™ Maintenance Requirements

The maintenance requirements are in place to insure that each Quantum Neurologist™ keeps up to date with the advances made in Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation.

Maintenance Requirements
Case Study Submissions
Each Quantum Neurologist™ is required to submit a minimum of ten (10) qualifying case studies each year. The submissions are only accepted online.
Editorial and Peer Review Board
All Quantum Neurologists™ are required to participate in the editorial and peer review process of the Journal of Quantum Neurology®. The amount of research available for editorial and peer review will be dependant on the submissions made each quarter.
Seminar Attendance
In addition to the above requirements each Quantum Neurologist™ is required to attend one qualifying seminar every two years to maintain their QN status.