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What is Quantum Neurology®?

Quantum Neurology® is nerve testing and rehabilitation. Developed over the course of 10 years, Quantum Neurology was born out of Dr. George Gonzalez’s work restoring his own wife’s health after a spinal cord injury.

Dr. Gonzalez trains licensed health professionals to strengthen the nervous system using his patented, step by step program. You’ll learn how to activate the body’s natural actions, reactions, and reflexes to up-regulate and restore function to motor, cranial, sensory, and visceral nerves using light therapy and physical corrections.


What can Quantum Neurology do for my patients?

Quantum Neurology can be used on patients with any injury, illness, or condition. Quantum Neurology does not treat the patient’s injury, illness or condition – we rehabilitation the patient’s nervous system. We find when the nervous system is functioning correctly, it has the best opportunity to heal.

Our doctors have had much success with everything from rehabilitating patients with traumatic brain injuries to helping elite athletes achieve world record performances. Our doctors have said this technique is the missing piece of the puzzle. QN delivers on the promise of chiropractic™.


How can I learn Quantum Neurology?

You can learn Quantum Neurology three ways:

  1. DVDs: Quantum Neurology DVDs are available on our website, QuantumNeurology.com, and cover the basic foundation of Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation.
  2. Live Training: Quantum Neurology live events are made up of lecture and workshops. Dr. Gonzalez is available throughout the event to answer questions and provide feedback. Live events come with the huge plus of getting worked on by fellow Quantum Neurology Practitioners – some of the best doctors in the world!
  3. Online Training: Quantum Neurology Online Training is the live events recorded and broken down into 10-15 minute sections. This means you have access to live event training 24/7 for the length of your online training membership. We find online training is the best way to review and retain what you’ve learned.




What’s in the Training?

Quantum Neurology is made up of 4 modules:


  1. Module 1 – Motor Rehabilitation:
  • Motor Rehabilitation
    • Quickly examine every major nerve in the spinal cord
    • Find the neurological cause of any spinal dysfunction
  • ArthroStim® Techniques
    • Correct biomechanical dysfunction with manual and ArthroStim® corrections
    • Five Minute Fix: Frozen Shoulder
  • Cranial Nerve Inhibition Testing
    • Test and rehabilitate the function of Cranial Nerves
    • Address common Cranial Nerve Problems
      • Swallowing and Speech dysfunction
      • ADD/ADHD
    • G-POI™ Testing
      • Dynamically challenge the body
    • Bonus: Heart Protocol


  1. Module 2 – Sensory Rehabilitation:
  • G-POI™ Advanced Motor Rehabilitation
    • R.A.C.E.™
    • Evaluate and correct Dynamic Movements including:
      • Athletic movements through ROM
      • Activities of daily living and more!
    • GAP™ Testing
      • Find and correct the GAP™ Subluxation
    • G-POI™ Sensory Testing
      • Evaluate and Treat sensory dysfunction
      • Address common neurological problems such as:
        • Numbness and Paralysis
        • Stroke, Brain Injury, MS, etc…
      • Intermediate Cranial Nerves
      • Bonus: Breathing Protocol


  1. Module 3 – Visceral Rehabilitation:
  • SuperERACE™ – an advance concept that is used to recover patient strength and range of motion immediately especially on post injury and post surgery patients
  • Visceral Rehabilitation – recover visceral function with this unique method of evaluating and correcting organ function
  • SuperGAP™ – bring Motor, Sensory and Visceral Rehabilitation into one correction
  • Bonuses:
    • Dyslexia Protocol
    • Access to Homecoming presentations given by Quantum Neurology’s top doctors, including protocols for:
      • Traumatic brain injury
      • Paralysis
      • Arch Reconstruction
      • TMJ, and many more!


  1. Module 4 – NeuroExpression™

In Module 1-3, we learn the alphabet of the language of Quantum Neurology. In Module 4, you learn how to flow through the nervous system with ease by prompting innate’s healing of NeuroExpressions™, which are the impact each injury or condition has on the nervous system.

The NeuroExpression™ series explores the injury patterns through each of the four portals of entry in Quantum Neurology: Myotome, Cranial Nerve, Sensory and Visceral. Module 4 allows you to step into the fullness of Quantum Neurology possibilities.


How do I get Certified in Quantum Neurology?

  1. Take Module 1-3 live, in order.
  2. Take Modules 1-3 live a second time, in any order.
  3. Submit 10 case studies to the Journal of Quantum Neurology.
  4. Attend a pass a live Certification Event, and receive your QNCP Certificate!


What is the GRT Lite™?

Dr. George Gonzalez is a world leader in light therapy training. He has trained thousands of doctors his unique concepts to restore neurological function with the use of light therapy. Dr. Gonzalez was frustrated that the cost and awkwardness of light therapy equipment on the market was a major barrier that kept people from learning his revolutionary work, so he developed the GRT Lite as the first compact, affordable, professional grade Red and Infrared light therapy device that is registered with the FDA. The GRT Lite is the official light therapy device of Quantum Neurology.


GRT Lite Features:

  • Six Pre-Programmed Treatment Modes
  • 4 LED Diodes Total
  • 2 Red 620nm diodes
  • 2 Infrared 850nm diodes
  • 23mW Total Power Output
  • Runs on two AA rechargeable batteries
  • 1-Year Warranty

GRT Lite Pro 8-A (FDA 510K: K050668) Indications for use:

  • Carpal Tunnel – Adjunctive use in providing temporary relief of hand and wrist   pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Neck and Shoulder – Adjunctive use in providing temporary relief of minor chronic neck and shoulder pain of musculoskeletal origin.


What is Homecoming?

Quantum Neurology’s Homecoming Event is a much anticipated 2-day event where you will learn the latest QN teachings and advancements from a lineup of amazing speakers, reunite with the QN community of practitioners, and get yourself worked on! Homecoming is open to all levels of training, from DVD doctors to QNCP’s, and CA’s and spouses are also welcome.


I’m in! How do I get started?

Dr. Gonzalez recommends getting started with the Module 1 & 2 Online Training, then attending the Live Module 1 & 2 Seminars. Please visit our store to register and for more information.



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Los Angeles, CA – 2018 Seminar Schedule

Gonzalez Muscle Reset Technique™ (GMRT)Jan 18 - 19Thur - 1/2 Friday
Nervous System Congruence™ (NSC)Jan 19 - 201/2 Friday - Saturday
Module 1 Seminar - Motor RehabMar 8 - 9Thursday - 1/2 Friday
Module 2 Seminar - Sensory RehabMar 9 - 101/2 Friday - Saturday
Module 3 Seminar - Visceral RehabApr 26 - 27Thur- 1/2 Friday
Module 4 Seminar - Motor RehabApr 27 - 281/2 Friday - Saturday
Module 1 Seminar - Motor RehabJuly 19 - 20Thur- 1/2 Friday
Module 2 Seminar - Sensory RehabJuly 20 - 211/2 Friday - Saturday
Module 3 Seminar - Visceral RehabSept 20 - 21Thur- 1/2 Friday
Module 4 Seminar - Motor RehabSept 21 -22 1/2 Friday - Saturday
Certified Quantum Neurologist Review and TestingNov 7 - 81/2 Wed - Thur
Quantum Neurology Homecoming EventNovember 9 - 10Fri - Sat