Quantum Neurology® & ArthroStim® DVD’s

This is a 6 part series of bio-mechanical corrections for the entire body utilizing the ArthroStim® and GRT LITE.  Dr. Gonzalez teaches his unique approach to the body by demonstrating several things: mobilization through ROM, precise hand and body position of the doctor, how to distract and mobilize the patient’s body, and how to utilize the ArthroStim® to your highest ability – with consideration of grip, torque, line of drive, and force. Dr. Gonzalez’s engaging and methodical teaching style makes it easy for the practitioner to implement these techniques immediately into your practice. Our best seller is the Frozen Shoulder DVD. Watch the video clip and see for yourself how fast and easy it is to recover shoulder range of motion. If you are conserving funds this is the place to start. All of the DVD’s are designed to get great results the first time you duplicate the techniques. The Frozen Shoulder and Cervical & Thoracic rehabilitation are very visual. They demonstrate obvious improvement to the patient as well as anyone who is watching the corrections.

Short excerpt from the Frozen Shoulder Training DVD

Frozen ShoulderFrozen Shoulder

    Do you know how to free up a frozen shoulder in 30 seconds? An elderly patient with a frozen shoulder can be a Doctor’s worst nightmare. Dr Gonzalez shows you a safe and effective method of rehabilitating a frozen shoulder using the GRT LITE and the ArthroStim®. This is a must have skill for any doctor that wants a reputation for delivering results.

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Cervical & Thoracic – Anterior Head Posture, Dowenger’s Hump, Kyphosis

Cervical and ThoracicExtension is life! A healthy person lives their life in extension – Head up, shoulders back. When a patient presents with a flexed posture they are moving toward neurological problems. This DVD will demonstrate how to bring your patients back into extension. Simply follow Dr. Gonzalez’ step by step suggestions and see immediate changes. It’s fast and effective and patients LOVE how this makes them feel.

Price: $120.00 (Click to Order)


Elbow & Wrist – Carpal Tunnel & Tennis Elbow

Elbow and WristEase the pain caused by injury and repetitive motion with Quantum Neurology® and the ArthroStim®. Learn how to quickly evaluate and correct the biomechanics of the wrist and elbow. Dr. Gonzalez demonstrates how to regain functional strength through range of motion.

Price: $120.00 (Click to Order)


Lumbar & Hip – Low back pain, SI pain and dysfunction

Lumbar and HipInstability is usually the cause of Low Back and Hip pain. Dr. Gonzalez demonstrates how to quickly evaluate and stabilize the pelvic girdle using his unique testing and correction of functional movement. The key to recovery is creating stability through the patient’s range of motion. Dr. Gonzalez demonstrates the patient positioning, testing and corrective protocols to see results fast.

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Knee & Ankle – Sprains & Biomechanics

Knee and AnkleThe Tibia and Fibula create the platform for the knee. They also create the tarsal tunnel. Therefore the knee and ankle need to be corrected simultaneously. Learn the dynamics of knee and ankle injury, movement and corrections. Dr. Gonzalez will demonstrate how to evaluate the biomechanics of knee and ankle injuries and how to restore function through range of motion.

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Foot – Dropped arches, plantar fasciitis and hammer toes

FootHappy feet make happy people. The feet are the foundation of our entire musculoskeletal system. If they are not functioning properly, it creates a chain reaction of dysfunction throughout the body. Foot corrections are fast and create immediate results. Your patients with hammer toes will be amazed when their toes uncurl as their feet become functional again. Dr. Gonzalez teaches this quick evaluation and correction that delivers results.

Price: $120.00 (Click to Order)


Prerequisite: Must be a Licensed Medical Professional that is certified to Diagnose and Treat (e.g., MD, DC, LAc, DO, ND, NP) to purchase these DVDs.

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