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Getting started in Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitations


I want to get Miracles Monday Morning™

Quantum Neurology™ Neuro Rehab Essentials

(Starter Package)

The Doctors that begin with home training before attending a seminar get the best results. This package gives you everything you need to get started in Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation. The Motor Recovery I and Cranial Nerve DVD’s give you the Know How and the GRT LITE gives you the power to make Neurological changes in seconds. This is an affordable introduction into the technique that can bring you miracles the monday morning after the seminar. Miracles Monday Morning™!

Package Bonus: as a bonus we include the Frozen Shoulder DVD – watch as I demonstrate the biomechanics of Quantum Neurology™. I teach you step by step how to use an ArthroStim® to free up a patients shoulder in 30 seconds! The ArthroStim® is sold separately by Impac.

I want Hands on Experience!

Module 1 – Motor Rehabilitation Seminar
Nothing replaces hands on experience. I will guide you, step by step, in the methods of Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation. I will share the discovery of G-POI™ that has single handedly revolutionized Neurology. Become the Doctor that can find hidden weaknesses in the Nervous System.

Seminar Bonus: Experience Quantum Neurology™ on your own body. Nothing will grow your practice more than your first hand healing experience! Doctors always say that this work makes them excited to go to work each day.

I want to become a Quantum Neurologist™!

Quantum Neurology™ Neuro Rehab Essentials & Seminar
(Starter Package with Seminar)

Live life without regrets! – Go for what will change your life and your practice.
You will never regret the knowledge and skill you gain from learning this work. You will never regret seeing Miracles in your practice. And you will never regret seeing Miracles on your family and loved ones. This is a commitment you should invest in for yourself. Get on track to become a Quantum Neurologist™.