What is Quantum Neurology?





Get started with Modules 1 & 2, Motor and Cranial Nerve Rehabilitation. Registration includes 1 year of online training access from anywhere in the world, with an internet connection. Also included is one Live Training event for each Module. Training includes:


Module 1 – Motor Rehabilitation Includes: 

  • Motor Rehabilitation
    • Quickly examine every major nerve in the spinal cord
    • Find the neurological cause of any spinal dysfunction
  • ArthroStim® Techniques
    • Correct biomechanical dysfunction with manual and ArthroStim® corrections
    • Five Minute Fix: Frozen Shoulder
  • Cranial Nerve Inhibition Testing
    • Test and rehabilitate the function of Cranial Nerves
    • Address common Cranial Nerve Problems
      • Swallowing and Speech dysfunction
      • ADD/ADHD
  • G-POI™ Testing
    • Dynamically challenge the body
  • Bonus: Heart Protocol


Module 2 – Sensory Rehabilitation Includes:

  • G-POI™ Advanced Motor Rehabilitation
    • E.R.A.C.E.™
    • Evaluate and correct Dynamic Movements including:
      • Athletic movements through ROM
      • Activities of daily living and more!
  • GAP™ Testing
    • Find and correct the GAP™ Subluxation
  • G-POI™ Sensory Testing
    • Evaluate and Treat sensory dysfunction
    • Address common neurological problems such as:
      • Numbness and Paralysis
      • Stroke, Brain Injury, MS, etc…
  • Intermediate Cranial Nerves
  • Bonus: Breathing Protocol