Quantum Neurology Module 4 Neuroexpression™ – Visceral Rehabilitation

Quantum Neurology Module 4 Neuroexpression™ – Visceral Rehabilitation

NeuroExpression™ Seminar (Module 4)

What is after Module 3?
In Modules 1-3, we learn the alphabet of language of Quantum Neurology. Now, In Module 4, you will learn how to flow through the nervous system with ease by prompting innate’s healing of NeuroExpressions™.

The NeuroExpression™ Series
The NeuroExpression™ series explores the injury patterns created through each of the four portals of entry in Quantum Neurology: Myotome, Cranial Nerve, Sensory and Visceral. It’s time to step into the fullness of Quantum Neurology possibilities.

Each weekend is a day and half of intensive workshops, and lectures. Each subject (Motor, Cranial Nerves, etc.) will only be taught ONCE live. It will be filmed, edited and then placed online in the Online Training section.

Licensed Doctor: $1,500 per Seminar
VIP Option: +$500 (VIP Option guarantees that Dr. Gonzalez will Personally workshop You.)


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