Secrets to Natural Healing: Lymphatics

Secrets to Natural Healing: Lymphatics

Secrets to Natural Healing: The Lymphatics

Secrets to Natural Healing: Lymphatics
by: Dr. George Gonzalez, D.C., QNCP

Most people do not have the slightest idea of how to stimulate healing in the body. Some may say “eat chicken soup” or “drink lots of water” and those are great things to do, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a deeper understanding of what can speed the healing process. How many days have you missed out on while suffering with a cold or flu – just waiting for your body to get well without any real healing strategy. If you are like me – I don’t do well with over the counter or synthetic medications. Some of the products that I have used in the past made me feel so hung over that I felt that I needed to detox my body from the chemicals in addition to getting over the illness that I had been dealing with.

I have struggled with illness my entire life. As a young child I suffered from chronic illness, severe allergies and asthma. I learned to live with my weaknesses. I had learned to sense and avoid the environmental toxins that set off my asthma. Walking down the detergent isle in the grocery store can be a dangerous place. I could literally feel my Nervous System shut down with each breath. Now I know to protect my Nervous System by holding my breath as I run down the detergent isle to get the product that I want to purchase. Most of the time I just avoid that isle because in 1999 I suffered a serious lung infection. I was on three different inhalers and I could only take a few steps before being completely exhausted. I first learned about lymphatic stimulation when studying massage before I entered chiropractic school. It was not until I was sick and tired and wanted to be healthy that I researched the lymphatics and found a secret to longevity, health and vitality.

When a person is sick the injury or infection creates an over abundance of debris for the body to transport for detoxification. Certain areas of the body are bottlenecks for lymphatic drainage that get backed up and slow down healing. Swollen lymph nodes cause pain, discomfort, the back pressure build up debris slows healing. This is an informational and ‘how-to’ e-book on decongesting the lymphatic system.

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