Dr. Chris Cormier, DC

Dr. Chris Cormier, DC

His specialty is helping people with nerve problems

Dr. Chris Cormier, DC QNCP is the Founder of the Nerve Health Institute and Co-founder of the Hidden Speed Academy in Lafayette, Louisiana. His specialty is helping people with problems in NERVES. For Dr. Cormier, success means helping people faster, and at this point in his career, he is helping people faster than ever.

He is also a health product formulator of natural products as SuperfruitsGT, Oil2Air®, Healthy Cajun® and Chiropractor’s Choice which are distributed throughout the entire United States. As the author of  “The Hidden Diagnosis: What Doctors Are Missing And Why You Should Know” and “God’s Amazing Machine: How Your Body Works and Why God Designed it That Way”, Dr. Cormier is always looking for ways to advance his learning and help others become more aware of the amazing body.

“When I chose to follow my calling and go into healthcare, I took an oath to help people to the best of my ability very seriously. This means I have to constantly research and study to find the best things for the human body. It’s my job to provide people with an instruction manual for the human body. I’ve spent thousands of hours of studying to form my current opinions, and I’m not going to stop searching.”

Nerve Health Institute
108 Republic Ave, Suite B,
Lafayette, LA 70508
(337) 456-6555

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