An Introduction to the Quantum Neurology® Technique

An Introduction to the Quantum Neurology® Technique

My wife’s moderate spinal cord injury was the inspiration behind the discovery of the techniques that have now become Quantum Neurology® Nervous System Rehabilitation.

As I developed these methods my results became more profound. Relieving patients from their typical carpal tunnel, neck, back and shoulder pain became easy.

Patients would walk in with crutches and walkers, and would walk out carrying them. My results were so impressive that I began teaching these concepts in the year 2000. Over the years I have expanded and fine tuned these methods into what is now Quantum Neurology® Nervous System Rehabilitation.

In my life, Quantum Neurology® has allowed me to help those closest to me as well as the patients that I have never met through the Doctors that I have trained. This work is unique because its focus is on strengthening the Nervous System. And the doctors that I have trained to duplicate this work are consistently getting similar results.


What can Quantum Neurology® help you with?

Quantum Neurology® techniques can be used on any Injury, any Illness or any Condition. Quantum Neurology® does not treat your Injury, Illness or Condition (IIC) – we rehabilitate your Nervous System.

The foundational concepts of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation are taught to doctors step-by-step through the different methods of Motor, Sensory and Visceral Rehabilitation.