Nervous System Congruence

What you will Learn from this seminar

  • Understanding the bio-field
  • Understanding the physical body to the bio-field connection
  • Bio-field testing
  • Evaluate and correct the bio-field connection
  • Holographic transfer
  • Nervous system congruence

What doctors are saying

Dr. Charlie Fagenholz, DC

“Quantum Neurology® gives you a place to start. It lays the foundation so that your AK work (Applied Kinesiology) will hold better, will work faster. Quantum Neurology gives you the tools to go in there and identify the roadblocks and allow the body to just heal itself.” Dr. Charlie Fagenholz, DC

dr amber runnerstrum chiropractic

“What I love about Quantum Neurology is that it takes the techniques that I already do and brought them up another notch” – Dr. Amber Runnerstrum, DC, Runnerstrum Chiropractic & Nutrition

Dr. Howard Cohn

“Quantum Neurology® has given hope to thousands of patients that have given up on ever getting function back. It’s truly a miracle” – Dr. Howard Cohn, DC, Founder of the Cohn Health Institute

Nervous System Congruence™ Seminar Schedule

Jan 18 - 19, 20191/2 Friday - SaturdayLos Angeles, CA


Please call or email us to register. 866-206-1295 /

Prerequisite: Must be a Licensed Medical Professional that is certified to Diagnose and Treat. (e.g., MD, DC, LAc, DO, ND, NP).

We require that all Seminar attendees sign a Professional Integrity Agreement before being admitted to the Seminar and obtaining the notes. You may download a copy HERE for your records.