Nervous System Congruence

Strengthen The Nervous System

The holographic nervous system allows for bio-feedback through the testing of neurological function. We use neurological tests as an indicator to identify the nervous system’s congruence with various stimuli. A stimuli can be anything, including internal congruence to self and external congruence to our environment.

The goal of this technique is to identify and strengthen the nervous system to incongruent stimuli in a quick and simple technique that can deliver profound results.


This event includes:


  • Understanding the holographic nervous system
  • Understanding the physical body to bio-field connection
  • Bio-field testing
  • Evaluate and correct the bio-field connection
  • Holographic transfer
  • Nervous System Congruence

Prerequisite: To purchase this training, you must have a postgraduate degree in a medical field AND be LICENSED to treat and diagnose; or be a LICENSED Acupuncturist. (MD, ND, DC, DO, OTD, DOM, DNP, DPT, DAc, LAc, etc.)