Quantum Neurology Certified Practitioner Testing

Becoming Certified: The Final Step




A Quantum Neurologist™ Certified Practitioner is a Doctor that has met all the training and research requirements necessary to become a licensed provider of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation services. These Doctors are expanding the science of Neurological Rehabilitation with their documented track record of success. Each Certified Practitioner will have their research, case studies and observations published in the Journal of Quantum Neurology®.

We urge you to learn Quantum Neurology® because you have patients that need Neurological Rehabilitation. You should want to learn Quantum Neurology® because you deserve to provide this care. We want to share with you how to activate the Nervous System and get these results. Quantum Neurology™ is healing the world through Neurological Rehabilitation. 

The Certification Event is your last step to becoming Certified in Quantum Neurology! Congratulations on coming this far! As Dr. George says, “It’s a big deal!”

Quantum Neurology Certified Practitioners (QNCPs) have many perks including steep discounts on training & events, first place pick for events, research, spotlight, and speaking opportunities with Dr. Gonzalez, and are in high demand by our patients.

The Certification Event is a 2 hour long Zoom Meeting event where you will be tested on Modules 1-4. When you sign up for the Certification Event, you will receive the testing outline in your email inbox of all concepts and practices you will need to know for the test.

The first part is an attendee-run review of Modules 1-4. After going over the outline, please bring any last questions to this review. Testing Outline will be delivered in your Registration confirmation email.

The second part consists of the testing, including a written portion and a dojo style portion. The online test is comprised of multiple choice, T/F, and matching of charts. The dojo style test will consist of a 5 point test for each nerve test, including patient position, doctor position, doctor hand placement, patient instruction, and doctor action. You may be asked to vocalize key definitions or explain concepts defined in the testing outline.

If it appears you are failing the test, the tester will step in and give you corrections. You will have one chance to come back and retest during the weekend.

If you are a QNCP who would like to be a Certification Leader, please contact us at info@quantumneurology.com.

QNCP Testing Fee: $2000

After purchase, you will receive several emails within 1-2 hours regarding your webinar dates and times.

To Register: Online Store / Email sales@quantumneurology.com/ Call 323-653-2818

Prerequisite: Must have attended Modules 1, 2, 3, & 4 Live at least once each.

*Live Testing Attendance must be used within one year of purchase. Please contact info@quantumneurology.com or call 323-653-2818 to change dates, if needed.

We require that all Seminar attendees sign a digital Professional Integrity Agreement before being admitted to the webinar and obtaining the notes.