Quantum Neurology® Training Program

Activate the Body's Innate Healing Power

These techniques can be used on patients with any Injury, any Illness or any Condition. Quantum Neurology® does not treat the patient’s Injury, Illness or Condition (IIC) – we rehabilitate the patient’s Nervous System. The foundational concepts of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation are taught in three Modules. I walk Doctors step-by-step through the different methods of Motor, Sensory and Visceral Rehabilitation.

This program is for Licensed Medical Professionals that are certified to Diagnose and Treat, and who want to learn how to activate the patient’s innate healing power through the Nervous System. Traditional and unique Neurological evaluations are used to perform before and after validation of Neurological changes. In most cases quantifiable changes and benefits are immediate.


The Quantum Neurology program is simple. You can get started today with the DVD and Online Training. If you want to see Miracles Monday Morning™, we recommend that you get started with the Module 1 & Module 2 weekend seminar combo. It has everything you need to start seeing immediate Neurological changes as soon as you duplicate the techniques. With our online training, you can begin to use what you learn before you even attend your first seminar. We are confident that this work will help you and your patients. When you start seeing the miracles happen for yourself, you may want to consider submitting research and becoming a Quantum Neurologist™ Certified Practitioner.

Prerequisite: To purchase this training, you must have a postgraduate degree in a medical field AND be LICENSED to treat and diagnose; or be a LICENSED Acupuncturist. (MD, ND, DC, DO, OTD, DOM, DNP, DPT, DAc, LAc, etc.)