Quantum Neurology Seminars

Interested in attending our workshops and seminars? Dr. George Gonzalez, DC. offers not only online training but live hands-on seminars that is quite amazing. Doctors who have attended always walk out with learning something new that can be applied right away to their practice.

Our 2018 Seminar Schedule

2018 Seminar Schedule

Upcoming seminars are in Los Angeles.
Module 3 Seminar - Visceral RehabSept 20 - 21Thur- 1/2 Friday
Module 4 Seminar - Cranial Nerve RehabSept 21 -221/2 Friday - Saturday
Certified Quantum Neurologist Review and TestingNov 7 - 81/2 Wed - Thur
Quantum Neurology Homecoming EventNov 9 - 10Fri - Sat