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- Dr. Charlie Fagenholz, D.C.

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Learn to awaken the Nervous System
with training in a Revolutionary Technology

Quantum Neurology® will change your life and elevate your practice. Founded by Dr. George Gonzalez, D.C. after his wife experienced a spinal cord injury,  Dr. Gonzalez continues his research and travels the world to spread the power of Quantum Neurology®. Through  systematic training modules and live workshops, health practitioners are able to handle the most difficult cases and apply nerve rehabilitation to their patients for faster results.


Quantum Neurology for Doctors

Elevate Your Practice

Learn how to activate your patient’s innate healing power through the Nervous System in Quantum Neurology® which is designed to help all types of health professionals from chiropractors, medical doctors to physical therapists.

Quantum Neurology Workshop Dr. George Gonzalez

Find a Practitioner

We have Quantum Neurology® doctors throughout the country. Locate a Quantum Neurology®practitioner in your area with our simple search system by address or name. Making it easy for you to connect with our doctors is our goal.

Quantum Neurology Light Therapy

Restore Your Body’s Function

Quantum Neurology® is a safe and non-invasive rehabilitation program that is unique to each person. We have certified doctors throughout the country who have helped patients suffering from mild to severe health conditions.


Discover the power of Quantum Neurology®.

Learn the technique that is revolutionizing neurological rehabilitation.

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