How Does Quantum Neurology Help Your Patients?

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Dr. Monica Faulhaber, D.C., D.O.(Mp) – Mississauga, ON, Canada


“I have a 54 year old female patient who has not been able to smell for her entire life. This condition is called ANOSMIA. I did the QN on her and after her first visit she noticed a difference. Six weeks later on her 2nd visit she was noticing more and could smell some spices. By her third treatment she could smell, which was quite an interesting experience for her.”



Dr. Katinka Van der Merwe, D.C. – Fayetteville, AR

Patient Vertigo Testimonial



Dr. Adam Arnold, D.C. ~ Chatswood, NSW, Australia




Dr. Leif Choi, D.C. ~ Beverton, OR

Son on the Austim spectrum



Dr. Robert DeMartino, D.C., QN ~ Henderson, NV