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Quantum Neurology® is founded by Dr. George Gonzalez and is supported by an amazing team of managers to help keep the program running smoothly. We encourage to reach out to us with any questions or concerns so we may be able to do a better job for everyone.

Dr. George Gonzalez, DC
Dr. George Gonzalez, DC

Dr. George Gonzalez, DC, QN is the Founder of Quantum Neurology®. The majority of his time is spent lecturing and doing research. He teaches his doctors, though, to do the same exact techniques that he does. The ability to duplicate the results is what makes Quantum Neurology so powerful.


Lori Gonzalez
Lori Gonzalez
Co-Founder & CEO

Lori Gonzalez is the Co-Founder and CEO of Quantum Neurology® and works closely with QN health professionals on various projects. Lori is first living proof that Quantum Neurology® really works! Feel free to contact her at  Lori@QuantumNeurology.com

Katelynn Bartley
Katelynn Bartley
Managing Director

Katelynn has a background in nutrition and supplements, which is how she discovered her love for natural healing. With over a decade of retail experience, she has joined the Quantum Neurology team to provide extraordinary customer care to QN doctors, students, and patients. She is here to help spread the unique healing technique of Dr. George Gonzalez, DC by communicating with the QN community. You can contact her at 323-653-2818 or Katelynn@QuantumNeurology.com.

Dan Guzman
Dan Guzman
IT Solutions & Logistics

Dan Guzman runs the logistics of Quantum Neurology. Dan is behind the scenes,  playing a very important role in making sure systems run properly and is in charge of ordering, customer data, emails, newsletter, technical communication and more. Contact Dan@QuantumNeurology.com


Please send email inquiries to sales@quantumneurology.com, or fill out the form below.