At Quantum Neurology®, we are always asking questions ourselves and learning new ways to improve. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers you may have. If you happen to have more, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The GRT LITE™ is the official light therapy device of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation. We do not endorse any other light therapy devices. If a company is telling you that their product is better for Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation than the GRT LITE™, they are misleading you. We officially use the GRT LITE™ for many reasons. Dr. George Gonzalez, DC personally designed, funded and conducted the research for the GRT LITE™ and its FDA registration. The GRT LITE™ was designed specifically for Neurological Rehabilitation and delivers a consistent result from Doctor to Doctor. Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation can be done with similar light therapy devices, but if a Doctor asks me for help on a patient without an official GRT LITE™, it is impossible for us to know if the patient results are lacking because of the equipment that is being used or the Doctor is not performing the techniques properly. The GRT LITE™ is an affordable effective light therapy device and is the only light therapy device that we use.

Our experience is that clothing does not make a difference for the type of corrections that Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation provides. A quick way to alleviate the concerns/questions about clothing is to find a weak nerve and then strengthen the patient with the GRT Lite through their clothes. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. You may have to explain to your patients that QN is not like most of the other light therapy systems out there. The doctors we train are being taught to provide immediate neurological change. So while most systems rely solely on the light device, in Quantum Neurology the light device is a tool. You, the doctor, is what is making the correction. The light is only energizing those cells to help the correction last longer by raising their threshold to injury.

Many patients and doctors alike will use the word Miracle to describe the healing that occurs when rehabilitating the Nervous System. The results seen with Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation can be so profound; that it is difficult for people to understand how the body is healing so quickly. A Medical Miracle is defined as the unexplained spontaneous regression of a medical condition thought to be invariably fatal or incurable or both. Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 20th Edition. It is impossible to predict which patient and which correction may stimulate a Miracle for a patient. It has been our experience that when the NeuroExpression™ Pattern of neurological weaknesses caused by a patients Injury, Illness or Condition is strengthened – Miracles Happen!

The GRT LITE has six modes that provide different frequencies with 4 LEDs that provides 23mW of energy total; two red and two infrared LEDs. The red LED’s are at a wavelength of 628nm (+/- 5%), and the infrared LED’s have a wavelength of 850nm (+/- 5%). The specific pulse frequencies for the GRT LITE are proprietary to our device and cannot be disclosed.

On the GRT Lite, buttons 1 through 4 use both Red and Infrared LEDs. The R button is Red only, and the I button is Infrared only. All six button have an auto off at 15 minutes. When you push the “I” button only one red LED flashes to let you know that the device is on.  You can use Quantum Neurology® with any of the 4 buttons, as they all placed between the 70-85% in our clinical studies for reducing pain. Dr.  Gonzalez does suggest that if you are going to be treating a patient for an extended period of time you switch between settings (buttons) periodically; this is to lessen any adaptation that the patient may develop to one setting (button). For practicing Quantum Neurology® rehabilitation he suggests using modes 1 thru 4. At this time Dr. Gonzalez suggests that each mode is for variety, and can achieve the same result for any QN treatment/technique developed thus far. He does say that if you are treating one patient for over a few minutes, to switch the selected treatment mode to prevent the patient from adapting to the stimulus.

All Neurology programs will share in the terminology of the subject, for example Myotomes & Cranial Nerves. Just because a program may share the same terminology does not make them the same – I assure you that they are not Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation. I developed Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation to answer the needs of my wife’s spinal cord injury. I had no formal training in Neurology aside from what I was taught in Chiropractic school. Through my research, I discovered a system of rehabilitation that is unmatched by other methods. I feel that I was able to accomplish this because I was not limited by another program’s point of view or methodology. With that being said, I do not endorse nor do I have a reference point in which to critic the other Neurology programs. The doctors that have trained in more than one Neurology program have told me that they are “Very Different!” I feel that Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation is the best program because I make Neurology available to the doctor with a busy practice. I don’t mess around; I get straight to the results. I teach doctors practical applications that deliver immediate Neurological Changes. Most doctors can duplicate the basics of the techniques after watching our home training DVDs. This prepares them for the more advanced work taught hands-on in the seminar. I don’t want doctors to wait years for results. With Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation, I expect Doctors to see Miracles Monday Morning™!

Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation is very different than AK. In our preliminary evaluation, we perform Neurological Strength Tests. These tests are called Myotomes. They are the Neurological Gold Standard taught to every Doctor around the world. Traditionally these tests are only used to document the severity of Neurological Damage to a patient. I discovered a method of Nerve Rehabilitation which incorporates manual corrections and light therapy. Using the Neurological Gold Standard of Myotomes, we are able to quantify the success of the rehabilitation.

Applied Kinesiology was developed by Dr. George Goodheart, D.C. Although I have taken a handful of AK seminars, I do not practice AK. Quantum Neurology® is not AK. Some may consider that the act of testing muscles defines something as AK. I disagree with this point of view. To my limited understanding of AK, it is a system of testing for muscular inhibition (weakness) and correcting each weakness with “the five factors of the IVF (Inter-Vertebral Foramen)” The five factors of the IVF would include Nervous System, NeuroLymphatic, NeuroVascular, Acupuncture Meridians, and Cerebral Spinal Fluid. These are not the evaluations used in Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation.

Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation is a method of exercising and strengthening the Nervous System. This is done by incorporating neurological activation, physical mobilization, and light therapy. Using a patented system of evaluation and correction, we find hidden neurological weaknesses in the body. Specific techniques allow us to activate the Nervous System’s innate healing power so that the body can heal itself. A Quantum Neurology Certified Practitioner™ (QNCP) is trained in finding the NeuroExpression™ Pattern caused by each injury, illness or condition. Only the Nerves that are not performing properly are rehabilitated. This process allows the QNCP to customize a rehabilitation protocol that is unique for each patient and their goals.

Each technique in Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation is a bundled series of Neurological evaluations and corrections. Each correction will last until it is re-injured. Although this answer may sound simple it is very true. Most patients will have a lasting correction, but the nerves that are most injured may need to be corrected repeatedly until they can handle the stress of required activity. Although each individual evaluation and correction can be done alone – our experience has shown that when certain nerves are strengthened as a group; the patient will have a better, longer lasting result.

Dr. Gonzalez has been teaching Neurology seminars to doctors since 2000 when he first started as Applied Neurology Seminars. Since then he has added volumes to his course, which has evolved into the Quantum Neurology training you see now. Quantum Neurology will continue to grow and evolve as Dr. Gonzalez is continually doing research and developing new techniques.

Quantum Neurology® is a multi-disciplinary program. This means that various doctors (For example Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Acupuncturists) will be performing these techniques with or in addition to the services that they already provide. Quantum Neurology® is a system of neurological rehabilitation. Once learned – Most corrections are performed within 10 to 15 seconds. Each technique is a bundled series of neurological tests and corrections. Each series can take anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes to perform. Every doctor practices differently and the time they spend with their patient will vary.

Depending on the time allotted with each patient – there will be the opportunity to perform dozens of neurological tests with their associated corrections in each session. Neurological Rehabilitation is a process of strengthening the Nervous System. Each correction builds on the strength, stability, and function of the previous correction. The doctor will perform the neurological corrections possible in the time available. On the next visit, they will re-evaluate the previous corrections and continue where they had left off. If there is a more complex issue – an extended visit may be recommended to make time for a more detailed series of corrections.

Dr. Gonzalez has trained hundreds of doctors since he started in 2000. We currently have over 400 doctors listed on our Doctor Finder that have attended live training; with hundreds more that have purchased our DVD training.

Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation is not a treatment or a cure; it is Neurological Rehabilitation. Doctors often use the word treatment to describe their interaction with a patient, not to imply a cure for a patient’s Injury, Illness or Condition. Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation uses traditional and unique neurological evaluations to perform before and after validation of neurological changes. Even though you may share the same symptoms as a patient mentioned on this web site; each patient and their injury, illness or condition is unique. As with any form of rehabilitation; there is no way to predict or guarantee how you or anyone else will respond to neurological rehabilitation. Your results may vary.

Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation is not “Magic”, “VooDoo” or “Faith Healing”! I do not possess any magical powers nor do I pretend to. I teach Doctors how to access the innate healing power of the Nervous System. In our preliminary evaluation, we perform Neurological Strength Tests. These tests are called Myotomes. They are the Neurological Gold Standard taught to every Doctor around the world. Traditionally these tests are only used to document the severity of Neurological Damage to a patient. I do refer to the techniques as Neurological Katas and prayers. The word “Kata” is borrowed from martial arts. It is a sequence of movements practiced alone or with a partner, designed to train the person to be more effective in their techniques. The Neurological Kata’s are sequences of Neurological Rehabilitative techniques that I developed to maximize the Doctor’s ability to help their patients. The reason that I refer to the work as a prayer is because there are times in every Doctors career that they will be working on a patient or a loved one that is in desperate need. At these moments of crisis, the Doctor may find themselves Praying for their patient’s healing. It is my feeling that I am more effective when I hold this mindset whenever I work on a patient. Prayer is not a mandatory process for this work, nor is it taught in the seminars.

Quantum Neurology® officially uses the GRT LITE™ which is an LED device. When people are introduced into light therapy, there is often confusion as to the difference between Laser light and LED light. Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A Laser is referred to as a coherent beam of light. Laser light is coherent because all of the light waves stream out in the same direction and have the same phase (the peaks and valleys of the wave occur at the same time). If one points a laser on a surface close to them, the laser light will have a noticeable diameter. If one pulls the laser further from that surface the diameter and intensity of the light will not change.

LED lights are referred to as non-coherent. In other words, the light that is emitted from an LED spreads out in all directions and is out of phase (the peaks and valleys of the wave occur at different times). If one points an L.E.D on a surface close to them, the LED light will have a noticeable diameter. If one pulls the LED further from that surface the diameter of the light will become larger and more diffused.

There is a greater focus on the use of light emitting diodes in the field of light therapy. European research is suggesting that LED therapy is just as effective as laser therapy. NASA is currently conducting research on LED therapy for use in their space program (www.NASA.gov search Light emitting diode). They have conducted various studies on wound healing and other aspects with positive results. I personally have found that LED therapy is an excellent tool for the use of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation.

You will only see the red LEDs with the naked eye. Two see the two infrared LEDs in the middle, you will need to use a digital camera/phone. (see video below)

Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation is not a Treatment/Cure for any injury, illness, or condition – It is Neurological Rehabilitation! This is a common and unintentionally misleading question. It’s like asking the question “Which conditions are treated when you go to the gym?” The reality is that anybody with any condition is likely to improve when they are doing something good to their body. The goal with Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation is to exercise and strengthen the patient’s Nervous System. It is our point of view that the more efficient the Nervous System, the abler the body can handle the stress of processing and healing. One can think of Neurological Rehabilitation as “Exercise” for the Nerve. When most people physically exercise there is usually a positive overall benefit to the body. That is why I am confident that most people who receive Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation will have Neurological Changes that benefit their entire body’s health. Furthermore, protocols used in Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation can be customized to the patient’s needs. This would include exercising the specific Nerves that are most affected by patients with Bells Palsy, Stroke, Autism, ADD, Sports Injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries, etc…Even though it is my experience that a majority of patients who receive Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation improve, it is impossible to predict how a patient’s unique injury, illness or condition will respond to rehabilitation. Your results may vary.

Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation is unique because it finds the neurological pattern created by an Injury, Illness or Condition (IIC). This pattern is called the Patient’s NeuroExpression™. Each Quantum Neurology Certified Practitioner™ (QNCP) is trained to identify the NeuroExpression™ Pattern created by an IIC. Every IIC can affect different parts of the Nervous System. For example, if someone steps on a nail – they will start to limp because they damaged the muscles on the bottom of their foot. This is reflective of the Motor portion of the Nervous System. The same injury can cause numbness on the bottom of the foot which contributes to the Sensory portion of the nervous system. And the patient’s sexual organs, bowel and bladder can also be affected because they share the same nerve supply as the bottom of the foot. Therefore – one injury can affect the Motor, Sensory and Visceral parts of the Nervous System simultaneously. It is our experience that when the NeuroExpression™ Pattern is strengthened – the patient’s body heals itself. The Nervous System immediately begins to heal itself in the areas that were compromised by the IIC. A QNCP is the only doctor trained in finding and correcting the NeuroExpression™ Patterns caused by injury, illness or condition.

Double-blind placebo-controlled studies are expensive and time-consuming. Doctors need to have timely and accurate accounts of what works on the patient. It doesn’t matter how many double blind placebo studies have been done if you cannot help a patient in their time of need. In my opinion, the only research results that truly matter are the results of the patient right in front of you. We are currently gathering data on the benefits of Neurological Rehabilitation. We have chosen to collect data through case studies because it documents the entire patient experience instead of only one aspect of their care.

Your need for rehabilitation is dependant on your personal health, fitness and healing goals. After a few sessions, your doctor can evaluate how you are responding to Neurological Rehabilitation. Your healing response will dictate how often you need rehabilitation to meet your goals. Most patients start with Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation because they want to regain function lost as a result of an injury, illness or condition. Others want to live pain-free without physical limitations. And of course, there are the people who want their body to be at its best – it doesn’t matter if you want to be more fit or to be an Amateur, Olympic and Professional Athlete – Enabling your body’s peak performance is achieved with Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation.

If you have ever experienced an Injury, Illness or Condition (IIC) in your lifetime – It is likely that you living with Neurological Deficits as a direct result. A Neurological Deficit can represent itself with ANY symptom or dysfunction in your body including:

  • Pain


  • Muscular Weakness and Imbalance


  • Decreased Range of Motion


  • Numbness, Tingling, and Loss of Sensation


  • Organ Dysfunction


  • Circulatory & Lymphatic


  • Digestive problems


  • Sexual Dysfunction


  • Mental and Memory Problems


  • The Five Senses – Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Touch


  • Auto-Immune including MS, Parkinson’s, ALS


  • ADD & ADHD


  • Sensory Processing Disorder


  • Vertigo and Balance


  • And many, many more…

Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation is a powerful system that can optimize your body’s performance and healing. Quantum Neurology® is unique because its focus is on strengthening the Nervous System. Your Nervous System controls every muscle, organ, and function in your body. This is why everyone can benefit from Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation – The same techniques that are used to enhance Professional and Olympic Athletes are used to help everyday patients achieve their physical and healing goals.

Light therapy is used in Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation to stimulate the Nervous System. We have found that light therapy activates Neurological Function. Our clinical experience has also demonstrated that a patient will rehabilitate faster and hold their corrections longer when light therapy is used during their sessions. Our bodies use light to communicate and stimulate function. For example, we absorb sunlight to create vitamin D. Our cells emit light when performing certain cellular functions. Light therapy is well documented for the stimulation of ATP (cellular energy) production, lymphocyte activity (cellular detoxification), increased circulation and tissue oxygenation. Light therapy has been researched and in use since the 1960s. It has been used alone and in conjunction with surgical and medical procedures for many years.

These techniques activate powerful healing in the body. It is effective because we are activating the body’s innate healing abilities through the Nervous System. Each Injury, Illness or Condition sets off an Alarm within the Nervous System. The Nervous System activates this Alarm to protect the body from further injury. The Alarm creates the Illusions of Pain, Decreased Range of Motion and Dysfunction. Many patients heal with these Alarm systems activated. This means that they will experience Pain, Decreased ROM and Dysfunction long after their injury, Illness or Condition has “Healed.” In many cases, this Alarm can be active in the patient’s body for the rest of their life. Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation turns off the unnecessary Alarm Systems in the body. It is not uncommon to see immediate neurological changes in one session. Many patients experience an improvement in their symptoms within the first five visits. Each patient and their injury, illness or conditions are unique. Results may vary from patient to patient.

The “Traditional” paths of research documentation are painfully slow and unwilling to accept a new point of view. The methods and concepts used in Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation are so unique that Light Therapy and Medical Journals lack the reference point to understand the process to achieve the results that our doctors are achieving. Quantum Neurology® is expanding the science of Neurological Rehabilitation. We are trailblazing new methods of Neurological Rehabilitation for all injuries, illnesses, and conditions that affect the Nervous System.

There are so many benefits of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation that we would have to manage submission to Hundreds of different medical journals. The Journal of Quantum Neurology® was created because the Science of Neurological Rehabilitation deserves its own journal. This allows doctors trained in Quantum Neurology® to collect data and review the Neurological Rehabilitation of patients with real injuries, illnesses, and conditions from around the world.

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