Prisma Colour Energy® Eye Glasses

Colour Energy Glasses feature lenses designed to target and pick up the most effective colour from the respective colour spectrum so that the eye can absorb it in its most pure form!


Therapist Set of 12 Individual Prisma Style
prism glasses
prisma colour glasses
Red/ Orange/ Yellow/ Green/ Turquoise/ Blue/ Indigo/ Violet/ Magenta/ Lime/ Scarlet/ Purple
  • Colour Energy Glasses have been designed to target the most effective point of the respective colour’s spectrum, making sure that colour’s enter the eye in their most pure form.
  • All Colour Energy Glasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and are perfect for use as sun or sports glasses. They can be worn anytime to increase your feeling of well being.
  • Concave lenses support the positive effect of colour and light on the eyes. The lenses have been designed to offer wide vision and provide excellent protection against the wind.
  • The frames are manufactured from unbreakable material. The soft and adjustable elastic supports on the nosepiece offer comfort and perfect fit.

Price: $499.00 (plus S/H)