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the Holographic Healing
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Holographic Healing: 5 Keys to Nervous System Consciousness

by: Dr. George Gonzalez, D.C., QNCP

In this book I present my theory of how the physical body generates the life that we are experiencing. I am proposing that the emission of light from each individual cell when considered in its totality… trillions and trillions of cells generate a light force that is responsible for our bodies integration and communication within our physical frame, with the external environment and our non-physical experience. I call this phenomenon the “LightBody”. Our intellectual mind is not in the brain. Our mind cannot be isolated to a single location within the brain or the Nervous System. Large computer systems that can measure or visualize thought processes are not locating a thought they are simply visualizing what part of the Nervous System is active when that thought is occur-ring. I believe the LightBody contains all of our nonphysical attributes including: our mind, thoughts, emotions, capacity for love, joy and Spiritual connection. The Big Idea Is: that the LightBody is the non-physical projected holograph of our self. Our LightBody is responsible for the connection and communication between ourselves and everything in our universe.

Using this concept of the LightBody, my students and I have discovered new methods of cultivating and expanding the Nervous System. It has been our experience that when the Nervous System is Expanded it will heal itself. We have found that the use of light therapy and Zero Point Energy Resonance bridges the communication within the Nervous System. Where there is no communication there is disease and dysfunction. The idea is simple, we want to maximize the body’s ability to communicate and perform actions. We do this by evaluating the Nervous System, and use light therapy and Zero Point Energy resonance as a stimulus for the rehabilitation of lost function.

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