Becoming a Quantum Neurology® Doctor

Activate the Body’s Innate Healing Power with Quantum Neurology®. Learn about this amazing program that will give health professionals the ability to deal with even the most challenging cases. By understanding how the nervous system works, you will be able to find the cause of nerve issues. We offer a lot of support for our QN doctors from online training, live workshops, and DVDs to help guide you through the processes. Join our community now and get started with the latest technology in healthcare today.

Quantum Neurology® for Practitioners

Discover the Story of Quantum Neurology® and how Dr. George Gonzalez, DC unraveled the nervous system after his wife’s spinal cord injury.

“My life’s work was revealed to me through the journey of my wife’s moderate spinal cord injury and recovery. My wife, Lori returned home from a massage one day, barely able to walk.  A massage therapist had performed a manipulation that severely injured Lori’s spine.” Read more.

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