Module 2 – Sensory Rehabilitation


  • Cranial Nerve Rehabilitation
  • GAP™ Testing
    • Find and correct the GAP™ Subluxation
  • Intermediate Cranial Nerves
    • Test and rehabilitate the function of Cranial Nerves
    • Address common Cranial Nerve Problems
      • Swallowing and Speech dysfunction
      • ADD / ADHD
  • G-POI™ Sensory Testing
    • Evaluate and Treat sensory dysfunction
    • Address common neurological problems such as:
      • Numbness and Paralysis
      • Stroke, Brain Injury, MS, etc…

Cranial Nerves provide our reality experience, everything we know to be real is experience through our Cranial Nerves.

Neurology teaches a direct nerve to injury association. This means that if the big toe is injured it is associated to the L5 Nerve and if the biceps is injured it is associated with the C6 Nerve. In Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation Dr. Gonzalez teaches how the Nervous System injures indirectly. This valuable skill will teach you how any injury can affect anything in your body. You will learn how to scan the body for a GAP™ and how to correct them and see immediate Neurological Changes.

Autism, ADD, Dyslexia, Stroke, Brain Injury, Bells Palsy…If you want to help these patients rehabilitate – you need Cranial Nerve Proficiency. Expanding on the basics of Cranial Nerve Rehabilitation, you will learn how to rehab each cranial nerve in depth. Performing these exercises will help your patients strengthen their Nervous System in order to handle the challenges that their conditions present. If you want to have a profound effect on your patient’s quality of life – You need to learn this work.

Most patients don’t even recognize that their suffering is caused by a sensory problem. 80% of the Nervous System is dedicated to Sensory function. Sensory injuries are often long-lasting, dull, achy pain and symptoms also may include: numbness, tingling, osteoarthritis, sensitivity to weather and pressure, decreased range of motion, pain, and paralysis. With Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation it is not uncommon to rehabilitate patients that have had sensory symptoms for over thirty years. This is a must for any patient that has had serious injury or surgeries.

Prerequisite: To purchase this training, you must have a postgraduate degree in a medical field AND be LICENSED to treat and diagnose; or be a LICENSED Acupuncturist. (MD, ND, DC, DO, OTD, DOM, DNP, DPT, DAc, LAc, etc.)

We require that all Seminar attendees sign a Professional Integrity Agreement before being admitted to the Seminar and obtaining the notes. You may download a copy HERE for your records.