Module 3 – Visceral Rehabilitation


  • SuperERACE™ – an advanced concept that is used to recover patient strength and range of motion immediately especially on post-injury and post-surgery patients
  • Visceral Rehabilitation – strengthen visceral function with this unique method of evaluating and correcting organ function
  • SuperGAP™ – bring Motor, Sensory and Visceral Rehabilitation into one correction


  • Advanced Protocols – Each Module 3 seminar will be a unique experience because there will be different advanced protocols taught each time. In the past, we have taught the following advanced rehabilitation protocols:
    • Cranial Nerve Mastery
    • Vertigo
    • Bells Palsy
    • Sexual and erectile dysfunction
    • Stroke & brain injury rehabilitation
    • Maximizing professional and Olympic level athletic performance

This Online Training is where the most advanced applications of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation will be taught. You will learn how to incorporate all the Motor, Sensory and Visceral Rehabilitation concepts that you have learned into one correction. This course will address the up-regulation of all organs using the Quantum Neurology concepts. The advanced applications of Quantum Neurology® will be covered as well as treatment protocols addressing the most difficult cases:

  • Stroke, Brain Injury, Paralysis, Sensory and Motor Loss

Prerequisite: To purchase this training, you must have a postgraduate degree in a medical field AND be LICENSED to treat and diagnose; or be a LICENSED Acupuncturist. (MD, ND, DC, DO, OTD, DOM, DNP, DPT, DAc, LAc, etc.)

We require that all Seminar attendees sign a Professional Integrity Agreement before being admitted to the Seminar and obtaining the notes. You may download a copy HERE for your records.