Dr. Jennifer Hartley, DC

Dr. Jennifer Hartley, DC

Dr Hartley offers a unique combination of services that you cannot find anywhere else in Colorado, and in only a few other locations in the entire world! All for very low prices.

She is the only doctor who is a Chiropractor, Naturopath, Herbalist and Neurological Specialist, and through this unique spectrum of blended degrees provides a true holistic perspective (looking at the entire body). She is the only doctor in the world that combines techniques that address the both structural, neurological and emotional reasons for your health issues. Then I integrate in the nutrition that your body needs to rebalance or heal.

My goal is to get you the best health care possible, in less time, with better results at an affordable fee. We make health care and healing accessible for everyone. Because you deserve to feel better.

Our unique expertise provides a 98% Success Rate at eliminating pain and handling health issues, even those found stubborn or challenging by other health professions. See our “Conditions Treated” tab to see just a handful of the issues we have had great success with. The thing we find ourselves most often saying to our patients is “Yes, we can help you.” Stop hurting and call now so we can help you, too.

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