Gonzalez Muscle Reset Technique

Gonzalez Muscle Reset Technique

Gonzalez Muscle Reset Technique

Maximize Human Performance

Personal Bests, Gold Medals and World Records come from performance strategies invented by Dr. George Gonzalez, D.C., the founder of Quantum Neurology® Nervous System Rehabilitation. If you are interested in maximizing human performance, you don’t want to miss this event. Dr. Gonzalez is releasing one of his most powerful secrets to human performance: GMRT™ (Gonzalez Muscle Reset Technique).

At this event Dr. Gonzalez will share how to maximize the length of key performance muscles in the body. This is not stretching! You will learn how to neurologically reset the length of the muscle. The benefit of muscle lengthening is that it allows patients and athletes to gain and maintain in stride, swing, and reach.

This event includes:

  • All three components of GMRT™ – upper extremity, lower extremity, and spine

Learn the secrets:

  • Used by 20% of US Track and Field Medal-Winning Athletes Over the Last 6 World Championships & 5 Olympic Games
  • Gain Range of Motion in Seconds
  • Reset Muscle Length – Not Stretching!
  • It Lasts Until It’s Re-injured

This event is the first of many Quantum Neurology Training Event to be open to all Licensed Health Professionals – physical therapists, massage therapists, nurses, etc.

Event Date on 2017: Sept 22-23 Los Angles

*GRT LITE™ is not included in the training fee.

Don’t miss this opportunity to train with one of the great technique innovators of our time.

To Register: Online Store / Download Order Form / Call 323-653-2818Prerequisite: Must be a Licensed Medical Professional that is certified to Diagnose and Treat. (e.g., MD, DC, LAc, DO, ND, NP). Previous QN training (Live/Online/DVDs) is required.*Live Seminar Attendance must be used within one year of purchase. Please contact [email protected] or call 323-653-2818 to change dates, if needed.

GMRT Registration: $2,000


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